The History

The land where Teton Springs now sits was once a pea farm. That’s right, green sweet peas. During the winter months in the Teton Valley, a California company would contract labor to local men to cut ice on the river and haul it to Driggs – where it was stored in a building and covered with sawdust to be used the following summer to pack fresh peas in.

In March of 1950, the Rammell Brothers purchased the land & improvements from the San Diego Fruit and Produce Company. Included in the purchase was the barn, built years earlier by Nahum Curtis. At the time of construction, the barn was used for various social and church functions and served as an unofficial Community Center for Victor. For years after, children played in the barn; which also served as storage for farm operating items. The Rammell Curtis Barn remains an icon of early valley life in addition to a source of memories for many.